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Badge Recognition

The Social Mission Metrics Badge recognizes educational programs that have committed to social mission by taking the Social Mission Metrics Self-Assessment. 

This recognition is a public commitment to establishing social mission baselines and improvement, but is not a representation of a program’s score. While participation in the self-assessment is free, the badge requires payment.

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Participating Schools

Currently in it’s initial phase, a select number of schools were invited to be a 2024 Inaugural Supporters as the Social Mission Alliance starts to scale up this opportunity. Schools were invited to be an Inaugural Supporter based on prior engagement with the self-assessment and participation in our alliance. It should be clear that schools were not chosen based on scores from the assessment. We thank all schools with a badge for their continued commitment to social mission. 

Inaugural Supporters


Do badges represent a school’s social mission score?

No, the badges do not represent a school’s score on the Social Mission Metrics Self-Assessment. To encourage honesty in responses, scores on the self-assessment are kept confidential and are only shared with a school’s leadership. A badge outwardly demonstrates that an institution is committed to continually working toward improving their social mission.   

What types of schools are eligible? 

Medical, dental, and nursing schools in the United States will have the potential to earn a Social Mission Metrics Initiative badge, and PA schools will soon be eligible.  

Why does my school not have a badge?

As of the start of 2024, select institutions were invited to be an Inaugural Supporter of this badge based on their taking a past version of the survey. Not having a badge does not necessarily indicate an institution has not participated in the survey, as over 300 programs have participated between our national survey, multiple testing rounds, and recent Associate Degree Nursing distribution. 

How does my school get a badge?

If you are a Dean at a medical, dental, or nursing education institution and wish to learn how your school can acquire a badge, email with the subject line “Badge Recognition,” or fill out our form below. 

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