Ally Program

We acknowledge organizations that are aligned in their vision of supporting health professions education in which social mission is valued to drive health equity and improved health for individuals, communities, and nations. The Alliance is intended for collaboration to collectively further our shared mission. ​Organizations have the opportunity to join the Social Mission Alliance movement as Allies.

Explore Become an Ally

> What does it mean to be an SMA Ally?

SMA Allies:

    • Endorse the mission, vision, and values of the Social Mission Alliance
    • Are invited to attend Social Mission Alliance Conferences, including presentations and workshops
    • Participate in the Social Mission Alliance virtual community through the website, blogs, social media, webinars, and publications
    • Engage in the development and implementation of new social mission activities
    • Receive public recognition as a Social Mission Alliance Ally on SMA’s website and at SMA Conferences