Social Mission Metrics Initiative


In 2019, the self-assessment was sent to nursing, medical, and dental schools across the United States. See what we learned.


Officially starting in February 2024, we are launching a new way for schools to be recognized for their commitment to measuring social mission using a badge.

The 16 Areas of Social Mission

Learn about each of the areas of social mission that schools are evaluated on.

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The Social Mission Metrics Initiative (SMMI) is a research product of Social Mission Alliance. With previous support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Health Resources and Services Administration, SMMI aims to advance measurement and awareness of social mission in health professions education. SMMI has far-reaching implications for the promotion of social mission within health professions education, a need which has been acutely highlighted by stark COVID-19 related health disparities. The SMMI created a self-assessment tool for dental, nursing, and medical school leaders to measure and benchmark 16 key areas of social mission.

Our Mission

The Social Mission Metrics Initiative aims to advance the field of social mission measurement and enhance the national conversation around social mission in health professions education.

Our Work

The SMMI is a system of metrics that provides a standardized approach to identify the level of engagement of U.S. dental, nursing, and medical schools in social mission activities. Developed into a self-assessment instrument, the metrics tool identifies six domains of social mission, broken into sixteen areas. Participation in the self-assessment allows a school to benchmark its performance to similar schools and national norms and track progress over time.

The SMMI has progressed under expert leadership and technical knowledge from an inter-disciplinary National Advisory Committee and informed by literature review and key informants. In pursuit of health equity, the Initiative across various phases of the project, from pilot, field-testing, and national self-assessment to over 200 health professions schools invite academic leaders to assess their schools’ social mission status, strengths and areas for improvement, and proficiency.

Most recently, the initiative expanded to include Associate Degree Nursing Programs, in partnership with the Organization for Associate Degree Nursing and The New York State Action Coalition. Learn more about the expansion here.

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