2024 Conference

Join us in Durham, NC from April 8-10 for three days of inspiration, learning, and networking at our conference, Equity Amplified: Uniting Toward Social Mission Transformation.

[Established in 2012]

Founded by Dr. Fitzhugh Mullan, Social Mission Alliance is a joint activity of the Mullan Institute and George Washington University. We transform health professions education by mobilizing and amplifying learners, teachers, community leaders, policymakers, and their organizations to advance equity in education, research, service, policy, and practice.

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Social Mission is the contribution of a school in its mission, programs, and the performance of its graduates, faculty, and leadership in advancing health equity and addressing the health disparities of the society in which it exists.

A diverse set of health professional students stand for graduation, holding white coats.

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Social Mission Alliance has held six National Conferences with over 2,700 attendees. Our organization was created following our first conference in 2012. 

Our Student Assembly brings together interdisciplinary health profession students passionate about social mission, to promote, network, and organize around health equity.

The Health Workforce Diversity Initiative, Social Mission Metrics Initiative, Health Justice Fellowship, and Voices for Change Fellowship advance meaningful change.

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Health professions education continues to require curated connections and alliances between disciplines, generations, worldviews, cultures, sectors, and geographic areas.

Social Mission Alliance can only continue to effect change with the support of its membership and financial sponsors.