Report December 2, 2022

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Biomedical Workforce, and Advancing Health Disparities and Health Equity Research

Recommending a strategic approach to incresing the impact of NIH funding to address health equity.

Scientist in a lab using a pipette.
Photo Credit: Prasesh Shiwakoti Lomash

About the report

Racial equity, diversity, and inclusion are core to the issues of health workforce equity – how the health workforce addresses (or maintains) health disparities. We commend the NIH for seeking to act in this important area. In light of ongoing challenges with health workforce diversity, equity, and inclusion in the educational pipeline and into practice, we offer the following ideas:

1. Increase funding for health disparities and health equity research;

2. Institute policies and programs to promote a diverse biomedical research workforce;

and 3. Improve data collection.

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