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> What Is Structural Racism?

Structural racism refers to various systems’ policies and procedures that perpetuate racial inequity among non-white individuals. Structural racism encompasses social, economic and political systems beyond the individual or singular institutional level. Social Mission Alliance has carefully curated a non-exhaustive list of structural racism resources, shared by experts in the field, to serve as tools for deeper learning, self-evaluation and future steps.

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Selection Process


Social Mission Alliance calls upon health professions educators, students, and practitioners to acknowledge structural racism as the root cause of inequitable treatment, staggering health disparities, and the unequal distribution of resources.

In an effort to identify the most meaningful pieces, we utilized a guide to identify quality and useful resources based on the following five criteria: credibility of source, application of source across various professions, quality of explanation of the subject, ability of the source to provide a deeper understanding of the subject, and ability of the source to provide actionable next steps.

These resources are a good starting point on structural racism. If there are resources you would like us to consider for this list, please contact us.




& Commentary

  • Mentoring Black Men in Medicine
    Black men have historically been underrepresented in medicine. While mentoring proves to be an important component to increasing diversity in medicine, this piece explores the unique challenges Black men face that can diminish the impacts of mentorship.


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Tools and Training


Articles, Perspectives, and Literature


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Resource Websites

  • ​​Making Anti-Racism A Core Value In Academic Medicine
    This website is a collection of perspective pieces, multimedia, and points of view that enhance anti-racism efforts among the medical community.
  • Racial Equity Tools
    This website was designed to support individuals and groups working to achieve racial equity through offering tools, research, tips, curricula etc.
  • The Ohio State University Anti-Racism Initiatives
    Actionable initiatives and resources are presented to elevate institutional and individual anti-racism efforts, including a 21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge.
  • Sunshine Behavior Health
    This website raises awareness of mental health issues facing the Black community, and provides resources and treatment options for various conditions.



  • Fitzhugh Mullan Institute for Health Workforce Equity Health Workforce Diversity Tracker
    The Fitzhugh Mullan Institute for Health Workforce Equity and the Social Mission Alliance’s new tool monitors health workforce diversity to increase public awareness of the underrepresentation of minorities in healthcare fields. This tool will raise your awareness of existing diversity gaps and opportunities for improvement.
  • Social Mission Metrics Initiative
    This website aims to advance the conversation around social mission measurement and describes the metrics tool, inclusive of diversity measurements, utilized by U.S. dental, nursing and medical schools. The tool development process is described in Academic Medicine.
  • Project Implicit
    This website provides self-assessment tests to identify personal attitudes, behavior and beliefs that may perpetuate racism.


Training and Curriculum

  • AAMC MedEd Portal – Anti-racism in Medicine Collection
    This website provides a collection of teaching and training resources pertaining to anti-racism that are pertinent across health professions.
  • Racism, Health Injustice, and Healthcare Workforce Training
    In order to fully address the needs of vulnerable populations, it is imperative for the primary care workforce to be diverse, trained in the social determinants of health, and committed to ending racism. This resource defines the ways in which institutions can enhance primary care training to do so.
  • Structural Competency
    This website provides articles, webinars, curriculum and other training materials ––developed by institutions around the world––on structural competency.


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