One Year as Social Mission Alliance

One Year as Social Mission Alliance, November/December newsletter with Toyese Oyeyemi

Greetings friends,

For the FINAL Social Mission Alliance newsletter of 2023, I have the honor of contributing as guest editor.

It’s a particularly special edition for me as this week marks one year since Beyond Flexner Alliance became Social Mission Alliance, a year of growth, challenges, and victories for social mission in health professions education….

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Abortion, Contraception, and Medical Education

October Newsletter Header Julia Strasser

My name is Julia Strasser, DrPH, MPH and I am a researcher and advocate focused on access to abortion, contraception, and the full range of reproductive health services. At George Washington University (GW), I wear two hats: I am an Assistant Research Professor of Health Policy and Management here at the Mullan Institute, and I am the Director of the Jacobs Institute of Women’s Health….

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Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month

Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month with Maria Portela

In homage to Hispanic Heritage Month, I would like to highlight some of the many outstanding Hispanic individuals in our team working and leading work to achieve equity for individuals belonging to vulnerable populations….

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Disability in Medicine – August Newsletter with Mytien Nguyen

Disability in Medicine is Often Overlooked. August Newsletter with Mytien Nguyen

View this email in your browser Disability in Medicine — Guest Editor Mytien Nguyen   My name is Mytien Nguyen, MS and I am a MD-PhD candidate, student advocate, and husky lover dedicated to promoting justice and equity through community engagement and research. I have been privileged to be a part of a community of trainee scholars and mentors that…

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DEI and Affirmative Action – July 2023 Newsletter

July 2023 Newsletter

The Supreme Court has now placed major limitations on the use of race-conscious admission policies, which is compounded by new bills passed against DEI offices in higher education. As a national alliance, now is the time for us to leverage the resources we have and work together to ensure a diverse health workforce….

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Advocacy and DEI – June 2023 Newsletter with Robert Rock

The Fight Continues: Diversity in Health Professions Education. June Newsletter with Robert Rock

As advocates for a socially conscious system of health professional education and a health system accountable to the needs of all of society, we must continue to push for justice in the face of mounting opposition. We must keep an eye on the changing landscape as we persist in innovating new ways to force equity into inherently inequitable systems….

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April Newsletter With Guest Editor Ed Salsberg

Tracking Racial Diversity of the Health Workforce. April Newsletter with Ed Salsberg

This month, we invited our Diversity Initiative’s lead researcher, Edward Salsberg to be our guest editor. Please enjoy this month’s content focused on diversity in the health workforce….

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March 2023 Newsletter

Newsletter March 2023

Social Mission Alliance March Newsletter. Featuring an op-ed written by our Director, Toyese Oyeyemi. Learn about our monthly ally spotlight, and see recommended articles….

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February 2023 Newsletter

Newsletter February 2023

Social Mission Alliance recognizes the significance of Black History Month, and we want to start a discussion on how to continue the celebration throughout the year….

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