Champion Spotlight: El Futuro

Child holding a sign that reads "El Futuro"

In April, we spoke with Dr. Luke Smith, Psychiatrist and Executive Director at El Futuro, a community-based nonprofit organization that seeks to transform mental health care in North Carolina and beyond. They provide bilingual therapy, psychiatry, case management, substance use treatment, and other mental health services to North Carolina’s Latino community in a welcoming environment of healing and hope. El Futuro hosts residents and students, and leads efforts to support and educate those who are interested in serving the Latino community….

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Announcing 2024 Josiah Macy Jr. Awards for Excellence in Social Mission

Glass Macy Awards trophies sit on a table

The Social Mission Alliance is proud to announce the recipients of the 2024 Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation Awards for Excellence in Social Mission Health Professions Education. The winners this year include Alec J. Calac, Lisa M. Meeks, the Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity, The University of New Mexico, and Caswell A. Evans….

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Black History Month Watchlist

Collage of Black History related movies

In honor of Black History Month, members of the Social Mission Alliance were asked to share their recommendations for a Black History Month themed watch list. Read more to learn what they said….

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Champion Spotlight: Te’Kima Anthony-Bey, LMSW, Talks Housing, Health Justice, and Health Equity

Te’Kima Anthony-Bey February 2024 Champion spotlight

Te’Kima divides her time between West Babylon, NY, and Washington, DC, and gives back to the social work profession by mentoring masters-level social work students at Stony Brook University, and serves as a Board Trustee for the Belmont Lake Civic Association in West Babylon, NY. Te’Kima is also a new member of the African American Federal Executive Association (AAFEA), a non-profit organization dedicated to preparing and supporting African Americans for advancement into the senior ranks of the United States Government…

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Champion Spotlight: Health Equity Leadership Diversity Initiative

Champion Spotlight: Health Equity Leadership Development Initiative

This month, we spoke with Maria Portela MD, MPH, the Director of the Office of Minority Health (OMH) Health Equity Leadership Development Initiative (HELDI). This residential fellowship program is committed to diversifying leadership in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) by providing fellows training, mentorship, and HHS agency placement….

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Champion Spotlight with the Native American Connections Patina Wellness Center

Champion Spotlight: Patina Wellness Center

This month, we spoke to the Native American Connections Patina Wellness Center. Formed in 1972 as a grassroots program, Native American Connections (NAC) has since expanded their services to include “Native American culturally appropriate health, affordable housing, and community development services.” The Patina Wellness Center is one of two NAC Residential Treatment Centers in the Phoenix, Arizona area, providing residential substance use treatment….

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Kiara Marmolejos Social Media Takeover

Kiara and four other people smile at her graduation

To invigorate Social Mission Alliance’s social media presence with student perspectives on issues related to social mission in health professional education, on the first Friday of each month, one Health Justice initiative member gets the opportunity to posts about themselves, activities they’re involved in, and their interests relative to social mission across SMA’s social media platforms (Instagram and LinkedIn)….

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One Year as Social Mission Alliance

One Year as Social Mission Alliance, November/December newsletter with Toyese Oyeyemi

Greetings friends,

For the FINAL Social Mission Alliance newsletter of 2023, I have the honor of contributing as guest editor.

It’s a particularly special edition for me as this week marks one year since Beyond Flexner Alliance became Social Mission Alliance, a year of growth, challenges, and victories for social mission in health professions education….

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Abortion, Contraception, and Medical Education

October Newsletter Header Julia Strasser

My name is Julia Strasser, DrPH, MPH and I am a researcher and advocate focused on access to abortion, contraception, and the full range of reproductive health services. At George Washington University (GW), I wear two hats: I am an Assistant Research Professor of Health Policy and Management here at the Mullan Institute, and I am the Director of the Jacobs Institute of Women’s Health….

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