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Lessons Learned from Workforce Diversity Tracker for Global Health

Diversity Tracker • December 1, 2022

Through data collection and analysis, the Diversity Tracker can motivate and encourage professions, states, and schools to do more to address the underrepresentation of population groups among health professions. Abstract Health disparities experienced by subsets of the US population are similarly experienced in countries around the world, albeit not necessarily by racial or ethnic subsets of the population. The Health...

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Mullan Institute Health Workforce Diversity Tracker

Diversity Tracker • November 12, 2022

The Mullan Institute is committed to conducting research and policy analysis to promote greater equity in health care and society. The Diversity Tracker will monitor progress (or lack thereof) toward the goal of greater racial and ethnic parity in the health workforce through four major components: The Diversity Tracker will cover the full range of health occupations, from front-line workers...

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