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University of Portland School of Nursing and Health Innovation

University of Portland’s (UP) School of Nursing aims to empower students to “cultivate an equitable, inclusive, sustainable, and just health care system.” Its 2022-2025 strategic plan includes plans for interprofessional education, emphasizing diversity statements in hiring and reflections in performance reviews, and working with community partners. The school implemented a concepts-based curriculum in 2019 covering 52 topics ranging from physiology to professionalism. Nursing students train at Dedicated Education Units in various local settings. They also provide primary care at a nurse-led clinic and health instruction to middle and high school students. UP developed a DEI Action Plan for Change including goals for recruitment of diverse students and faculty, creation of scholarship opportunities, and shifting community culture; a progress report is publicly available. The Oregon Nurse Corps Fellowship recruits nurses to a fully-funded DNP program wherein they practice in less urban high-need areas.

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