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The social mission of a health professions school is the contribution of the school in its mission, programs, and the performance of its graduates, faculty and leadership in advancing health equity and addressing the health disparities of the society in which it exists. These resources include: web-based resources, downloadable articles, videos, and other materials.

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This section includes ​social mission related peer-reviewed articles. ​In this section, you have the opportunity to explore resources that have been categorized by our Alliance members.




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  • Social Mission Metrics Initiative – centers around the creation and use of metrics to measure social mission in health professions schools. By providing a tool to objectively assess the status of social mission, the Initiative aims to advance Social Mission in health professions education.​
  • Framework for Socially Accountable Health Workforce Education – a practical tool to help schools align the training of health workers with community needs, includes a logic model and evaluation framework for socially accountable health professional education.


Training and Curriculum

  • MedEdPortal – an open-access journal of teaching and learning resources in the health profession published by AAMC and ADEA. Includes training on anti-racism, interprofessional education and practice, community engagement, advocacy, primary care, and other social mission topics.
  • The Portal of Geriatrics Online Education – a collection of geriatrics educational materials for interprofessional educators and learners, including topics such as environmental geriatrics, aging in place.



  • Fitzhugh Mullan TedTalk: Equity in medicine is currently one of the most heated issues in the United States. Dr. Fitzhugh Mullan argues that in order to create medical equality in the US, we must target the root of the problem, and reform medical education so that it focuses on the social mission of medicine.
  • Don Berwick Interview: Donald Berwick, President and CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) for nearly 20 years and former Administrator of CMS provides insights on social mission.
  • Malika Fair Interview
  • Additional videos

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Beyond Flexner:
Social Mission Case Studies


In 2011, a study team led by Dr. Fitzhugh Mullan site visited six medical schools based on their innovative approaches to teaching, modeling and promoting social mission. The team identified eight modalities essential to the social mission: school mission, pipeline cultivation, student admissions, structure and content of curriculum, location of clinical experience, debt management, mentoring/role modeling, and post-graduate engagement. These modalities formed the basis for the Social Mission Metrics Initiative and the schools included:


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