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University of California Davis

UC Davis’s medical school became the third most diverse in the country by establishing programs for students who wanted to work in underserved communities, such as the Accelerated Competency-based Education in Primary Care program, prioritizing socioeconomically disadvantaged students in admissions and providing them with scholarships, developing pathways for community college students and pairing incoming students with like-minded peers and faculty. According to school statistics, 70% of the Class of 2027 were economically disadvantaged and 40% were first generation medical students. Over half of the Class of 2023 pursued primary care, and 82% remained in California for residency. The school has various student-run clinics to serve different racial and ethnic backgrounds. It operates the Center for a Diverse Health Workforce, which performs research and creates community partnerships to further workforce diversity. Additionally, in partnership with Oregon Health Sciences University, it operates COMPADRE, a program to address physician shortages in underserved urban, rural, and tribal communities.

UC Davis has received national recognition for its diversity efforts and its focus on primary and rural care. Its commitment to social mission is also reflected in its strategic plan. In April 2024, it partnered with Cal Poly Humboldt to establish the Huwighurruk Health Postbaccalaureate Program for students interested in serving American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

Office of Student and Resident Diversity

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