Beyond Flexner: Social Mission in Medical Education with Dr. Fitzhugh Mullan

Listen to the Founder of the Social Mission Alliance discuss the critical role of social mission in educating future health professionals. Medical schools and teaching hospitals generally cite teaching, service and research as their core contributions. The scope of health disparities in our communities, however, suggests another vital role of teaching institutions can play social mission. What priority do our…

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Donald Berwick: the Challenge of Change, the Direction of Change

The renowned Don Berwick, master storyteller, speaks to the 2015 Beyond Flexner Alliance Conference about professional identity formation and change in health and healthcare Donald M. Berwick was President and CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) for nearly 20 years. In July 2010, President Obama appointed Dr. Berwick to the position of Administrator of the Centers for Medicare…

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Camara Jones: the Gardener’s Tale and the Physician’s Legitimate Role

Dr. Jones’ allegories bring to life the complex connections among health and wellbeing, social determinants of health, social determinants of equity, population-level interventions, and the role of health professionals. Camara Phyllis Jones is research director on social determinants of health and equity in the Division of Adult and Community Health, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP)….

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Social Mission Metrics Initiative

A tool to help leaders and learners elevate social mission in their schools and communities. The Social Mission Metrics Initiative centers around the creation and use of metrics to measure social mission in dental, medical, and nursing schools across the United States. By providing school leaders with a tool to objectively assess the status of social mission at their school,…

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