Advocacy Advisory Council Summit

On March 27, 2023, the Social Mission Alliance held a public Summit to introduce members of the Advocacy Advisory Council, unveil SMA’s advocacy priorities, engage members of the greater Alliance, and host a panel discussion on policy advocacy for healthcare professionals. State of Social Mission Policy and Advocacy Panel Discussion – Stepping Out of the Clinic: Policy and Advocacy for…

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The War of Attrition in Health Professional Education

The Social Mission Alliance Student Assembly held a webinar to address racial and socioeconomic disparities of attrition rates in health professional education. The panelists talk about the current state of attrition, what contributes to these levels, examples they have encountered in the past, and what can be done in the future to reduce disparities.  Webinar Recording This webinar was originally…

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State of Social Mission Alliance Webinar

Recap video Summary of the webinar In the State of the Social Mission Alliance Webinar, hosted on January 19, 2023, we heard from multiple members of the SMA team on current, past, and future endeavors for advancing social mission in health professions education. Director Toyese Oyeyemi described the decision to change the Alliance’s name from Beyond Flexner Alliance to Social…

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​Reimagining Health Professions School for Students of Color During COVID-19

Critical conversations among student leaders about their experiences during the pandemic and the disproportionate impact on students of color. Hosted by AMSA and BFA. About the video In the wake of COVID-19, life as a student has drastically changed. Many students contracted, cared for, or lost someone due to the virus. While dealing with the terrors of the virus itself,…

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Emergency Health Workforce Policies to Address COVID-19: Social Mission in Health Professions Schools

Students and faculty discuss public health principles in COVID-19, students mobilizing in a crisis, and health equity in the pandemic. About the video Lawrence Deyton, MSPH, MD, of the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences discusses the clinical public health curriculum work at GW and how these principles are being deployed in response to COVID-19. David Edelman,…

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​Health Professions Students’ Voices on Voting and the Election

Learn about political issues that are impacting health professions student. The discussion led to a letter from students to the Biden administration. About the video The Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA) and the Beyond Flexner Alliance (BFA) Student Assembly co-hosted the Health Professions Students Voices on Voting and the Election webinar, as part of the “Health Education Leaders Pushing” (HELP)…

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A Message from Director Toyese Oyeyemi

How is the Beyond Flexner Alliance pursuing its mission? About the video Alliance Executive Director Toyese Oyeyemi talks about pushing social mission and anti-racism work forward — accomplishments and goals – with a social mission research agenda, community engagement, learning collaboratives, measuring social mission practice, and technical assistance….

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Denise Rodgers: Beyond Flexner Conference Insights 2015

Dr. Rogers’ prescient insights about the challenges we face in building a social mission movement are timely today in light of the changes in attitudes in the post-Trump era. Denise V. Rogers MD offers insights and articulates challenges to building a movement for social mission in health professions education at the 2015 Beyond Flexner Alliance Conference….

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Social Mission Metrics: Measuring the Social Mission of Dental, Medical, and Nursing Schools

This webinar describes the development and usage of social mission metrics and discuss implications for future work in this area. Social mission refers to the contribution of a school in its programs, and the performance of its graduates, faculty, and leadership in advancing health equity and addressing health disparities. The Social Mission Metrics Initiative focuses on the creation and use…

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