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Duke University School of Nursing

Duke University School of Nursing (DUSON) is making efforts to address social determinants of health and end health inequity “through transformative excellence in education, clinical practice, and nursing science.” Its mission statement emphasizes cultural sensitivity and celebrating differences. In tandem with the Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health, DUSON developed a framework for mitigating harmful social determinants. Some faculty have been selected as Health Equity Leaders for their research addressing inequities and the 2022-2027 strategic plan discusses cluster hires for faculty that focus on social determinants of health.

Courses are offered in community health. Students are highlighted for their equity work. The school gives awards to support student projects related to health equity, as well as recognizes students and faculty for their commitment to social justice. It also offers the Mentoring to Increase Access to Health Professions (MAP) program in partnership with the physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and MD programs to encourage underrepresented groups to pursue health professions; the Leading to Equitable Access to Health Professions (LEAHP) program to support nursing students in pursuing advanced practice programs; and Mentoring Black Nurses for nursing students and clinical nurses.

Community engagement initiatives include the M-PACT mobile clinic, which allows students and faculty to deliver care to rural and underserved areas. M-PACT scholars receive 112 hours of longitudinal training through the clinic, including immersion in a rural community, and receive scholarships.

In 2022, Brigit Carter received the Macy Award for Individual Excellence for her work recruiting and supporting underrepresented nursing students at Duke.

Duke University School of Nursing hosted the 2024 Social Mission Alliance conference. 

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